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Intraclox DC



Suspension for intramammary administration


Cloxacillin is a beta-lactam antibiotic and is active against Penicillin G resistant staphylococci. It binds to membrane bound proteins known as penicillin-binding proteins (PBP’s) that are located beneath the cell wall, thereby disrupting cell wall synthesis. Cloxacillin is bactericidal.


For routine use in cows at drying-off to treat existing intramammary infections and to assist in preventing new infections occurring during the dry period. It is effective against: Streptococcus agalactiae, Streptococcus dysgalactiae and other Streptococcal spp., Staphylococci spp. and Arcanobacterium pyogenes.


Intraclox DC maintains effective antibacterial levels in the dry cow udder for approximately 4 weeks and is bactericidal in action.

Contra indications

Do not use in animals with known hypersensitivity to the active ingredient.
Do not use in lactating animals.
Do not use in cows with a dry period of less than 4 weeks.

Side effects

No side effects known.


For intramammary administration:


1 injector per quarter immediately after the final milking of a lactation.


Before application teats have to be cleaned and disinfected.

Withdrawal times

– For meat: 28 days

– For milk:

  • 96 hours after calving, with a dry period of more than 28 days.
  • 28 days plus 96 hours, after the last infusion in cows with a dry period of 28 days or less.


Keep out of sight and reach of children.


Injector of 4.5 g.
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