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Fentol Plus



Tablet for oral administration


Fentol Plus contains anthelmintics active against gastrointestinal roundworms and tapeworms. The product has three active substances:

– Fenbendazole, a benzimidazole
– Pyrantel embonate, a tetrahydropyrimidine derivative
– Praziquantel, a pyrazinoisoquinoline derivative

Praziquantel causes severe damage to the parasite integument, resulting in the contraction and paralysis of the parasites. Pyrantel embonate induces spastic paralysis of the nematodes and thereby allows removal from the gastro intestinal system by peristalsis. Fenbendazole prevents formation of microtubules resulting in disruption of structures vital to the normal functioning of the helminth.

The activity spectrum covers Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina, Uncinaria stenocephala, Ancylostoma caninum, Trichuris vulpis, Enchinococcus spp, Taenia spp and Dipylidium caninum.


For the control of the following gastrointestinal tapeworms and roundworms in dogs and puppies:

Ascarids : Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina (adult and late immature forms).
Hookworms : Uncinaria stenocephala, Ancylostoma caninum (adults)
Whipworms : Trichuris vulpis (adults)
Tapeworms : Echinococcus spp., Taenia spp., Dipylidium caninum (adult and immature forms)

Contra indications

Hypersensitivity to the active ingredients or excipients.
Do not use at the same time in combination with products as organophosphates or piperazine compounds.

Side effects

Rarely, loss of appetite, diarrhoea, vomiting, fatigue may occur.


1 tablet/10 kg of body weight

Puppies and small dogs:
< 2 kg B.W.: = 1/4 tablet
2-5 kg B.W.: = 1/2 tablet
5-10 kg B.W := 1 tablet

Medium dogs:
10-20 kg B.W.: = 2 tablets
20-30 kg B.W.: = 3 tablets

Large dogs:
30-40 kg B.W.:= 4 tablets

The tablets can be given directly to the dog or disguised in food. No starvation or specific feeding regime is needed. Treatment prior to feeding is recommended. For routine deworming of dogs only a single treatment is necessary. This should be repeated every three months for routine worm control. In the event of heavy roundworm infestation a repeat dose may be given after 14 days. Puppies should be treated at 2 weeks of age. It is advisable to treat the bitch at the same time as the puppies.

Withdrawal times

Not applicable.


20 tablets in a carton with blister and jar of 200 tablets.
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