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M800 Switch


Product Data Sheet

The most popular underspeed/slowdown switches in the industry. One bracket for all applications. Requires no engineering or fabrication. An inductive sensing device located in the nose of the M800 enclosure detects a metal target. It can be an existing bolt head or device attached to a shaft. A signal is generated by this target on each revolution of the shaft. The M800 is then set to the normal machine RPM by calibrating with the magnet provided. If the shaft speed falls to 10% or 20% below normal RPM, the M800 provides output signals via relays for control purposes such as alarm and/or shutdown. Speedswitch moves with the shaft. Shaft end float and vibration will not cause any nuisance alarms as the target and Speedswitch move together in unison. FM and CSA approved Class II DIV. F Group E, F, G and CE approved. The “Whirligig” is a bolt on three in one target, guard and bracket for use with the M800. The engineered bracket holds the M800. Target and guard use a single bolt to attach to the monitored shaft.

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