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Intracox Pump



Suspension for oral administration


Toltrazuril is a symmetric triazinone, which is very effective for the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis of all stages (including schizogony and gametogony) of Eimeria spp. in kids, lambs and piglets.


Coccidiosis of all stages like schizogony and gametogony stages of Eimeria spp. in kids, lambs and piglets.

Contra indications

Administration to animals with impaired hepatic and/or renal functions.

Side effects

No undesirable side effects are to be expected when the prescribed dosage regimen is correctly followed.


For oral administration.
Kids and lambs : 4 ml per 10 kg body weight once daily.
Piglets : 1 ml per 2.5 kg body weight during the first week of life between age 3 – 5 days. Only one treatment is required.
Note: Each press on the dosing pump delivers one dose, i.e. 1 ml.

Withdrawal times

For meat:
– Piglets : 77 days.
– Kids and lambs : 77 days.


Bottle of 100 ml with dosing pump.
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