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Hi-Resolution Seed Sorter


The LabSeed 1000 color sorter is the highest detection resolution seed sorter on the market today with 0.042mm pixel resolution. The LabSeed 1000 was designed for the small to medium batch and continuous flow seed cleaning industry. It is user friendly and perfect for quick change overs between samples or seed lots. A hopper quickly feeds the product to an electromagnetic vibratory feeder that meters the flow into a single layer which slides down a 90mm (3.5″) chute. The product is scanned on both sides by cameras programmed to detect defective or foreign material with customized RGB LED lighting with 16 million different hues to customize your sorting.

The LabSeed 1000 features a high resolution 8.5″ LCD touchscreen, image¬†reconstruction on the touchscreen and remote support for the lifetime of the machine. The LabSeed can see 22.75 pixels per mm, as opposed to standard sorters which only see 8.53 pixels per mm. This allows highly precise detection of the smallest seeds. If you are looking for a sorter with higher resolution, then look no further than the LabSeed 1000 with monochromatic sorting, though in unique situations, having RGB sensors which provide better results. Please call us to discuss your specific needs so we can make a recommendation for you.

The LabSeed 1000 includes automatic air jet cleaning and an air gun to make cleaning easy. The capacity for the LabSeed is approximately 400 lbs per hour depending on the type of product being cleaned and the contamination percentage. You can sort your samples in dark pixels, light pixels, size of foreign material, and material properties. Optional: remote access through Ethernet or remote control module for touchscreen tablet device. Monochromatic camera included and options for color camera or near-infrared are also available. Color sorters are constantly changing as technology improves ‚Äď please contact us for our most current models and prices.

Net wt: 325 lbs, Actual dims: 31.5″ (L) x 26.3″ (W) x 51″ (H), Ship wt: 500 lbs, Ship dims: 36″ (L) x 54″ (W) x 54″ (H).

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