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Hand Type Density Testers


Hand Type Density Tester Recalibration Instructions

Seedburo hand testers give fast, accurate bulk density readings. Equipped with a sliding beveled poise and a heavy gauge cast anodized aluminum cup. Built to withstand rough use with constant accuracy. Cups should be filled using one of the filling devices shown below. Each unit includes a No. 65 Strike-Off Stick.

Net wt: 3 lbs, Ship wt: 4 lbs, Ship dims: 6″ (L) x 6″ (W) x 15″ (H).

No. 26  One Quart Weight per Bushel Tester (lb/bu)
No. 26M  One Liter Kilograms per Hectoliter Tester (kg/hl)
No. 37F  One Pint Weight per Cubic Foot Tester (lb/cubic foot)

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