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Grain and Hay Moisture Tester


Proper use of a moisture meter provides fast, reliable results, and can help the grain producer determine if grain is at proper moisture levels in the field, in the bin, at the dryer and when selling. The newly designed G-7 Grain Moisture Meter features a powerful micro-controller circuit. It is rugged, easy to use, and provides important statistics about the meter readings.

The G-7 is especially useful to test moisture content of grain at harvest time and while in storage. Or you can attach optional accessories to check moisture in hay.

Microcontroller based circuit for greater accuracy and reliability
Built-in correction factors for Barley, Coffee, Corn, Flax, Hay, Oats, Rapeseed, Rough rice, Sorghum, Soybeans, Wheat, and Rye.

Built-in temperature correction over the range of 32°-160° F
Stores up to 150 accumulated readings and displays the average and highest readings, and standard deviation and co-efficient of variance of stored readings
Measures moisture content over the range of 6%-40% depending on grain
Adjustable set point with buzzer to alert you when a pre-selected %MC has been reach.

  • Connector for an external electrode
  • Built-in calibration check
  • One year warranty
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