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Febenol-100 Oral



Suspension for oral administration


Fenbendazole is a broad spectrum anthelmintic belonging to the group of benzimidazolecarbamates applied for the control of mature and developing immature forms of nematodes (gastrointestinal roundworms and lung worms) and cestodes (tapeworms).


Prophylaxis and treatment of gastrointestinal and respiratory worm infections and cestodes in calves, cattle, goats, sheep and swine such as:
Gastrointestinal roundworms : Bunostomum, Cooperia, Haemonchus, Nematodirus, Oesophagostomum, Ostertagia, Strongyloides, Trichuris and Trichostrongylus spp.
Lung worms: Dictyocaulus viviparus.
Tapeworms: Monieza spp.

Contra indications


Side effects

Hypersensitivity reactions.


For oral administration:


Goats, swine and sheep:
1.0 ml per 20 kg body weight.


Calves and cattle:
7.5 ml per 100 kg body weight.


Shake well before use.

Withdrawal times

– For meat : 14 days.
– For milk : 4 days.


Bottle of 100 and 1000 ml.
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