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Data Technologies S60 C&W Seed Counter and Weighing


The ground-breaking DATA S60 C&W combines counting and weighing in a single added-value solution when processing or packaging seeds in bulk. The DATA S60 C&W is equipped with an inline load cell that automatically calculates an accurate TSW (thousand seed weight) for counted seeds. The TSW is displayed on the DATA C&W console and transmitted to the packing system controller. It is ideally suited for field crop such as Corn, Soybeans, Cotton, Beans, Sweet Corn and others that are sold by numbers of seeds but often handled according to thousand seed weight. The S60 C&W works by pouring seeds directly into the top hopper of the counter. A sensor in the hopper automatically activates the seed counter, which starts vibrating and feeding seeds through the counter. The counter stops when there are no seeds left in the hopper. Then, the counted seeds are weighed and the TSW is calculated. The TSW is displayed on the operator console and transmitted to the packing machine. The S60 C&W has 99.99% accuracy, rapid bulk counting and emptying, automatic TSW calculation with no minimal sampling interval, real time TSW communication to the packing system, and accommodates counting of seeds from 0.5mm–25mm. This model requires compressed air for operation.

Net wt: 115 lbs, Actual dims: 71″ (L) x 47″ (W) x 86″ (H), Ship wt: 168 lbs, Ship dims: 98″ (L) x 64″ (W) x 90″ (H).

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