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Data Technologies S25 Seed Counter


The S25 seed counter is the perfect counter for QA purposes. Its ability to count all types of seeds, its small footprint and its simple operation make it the preferred choice of seed companies of all sizes. Some of the benefits of the S25 are faster counting, automatic, precise and reliable TSW (thousand seed weight) calculations. The S25 can count anything from flower seed to field crop seed. The multi-language PC touch-panel interface is extremely user-friendly. There are no mechanical changes required between different seed types. This counter delivers nearly 100% accuracy. The counting range of seed size is 0.5–18mm. The S25 has a counting speed of up to 6,000 Tomato seeds per minute. The S25 counter also has the option of manual and automatic calibration modes. This model requires compressed air for operation.

Net wt: 55 lbs, Actual dims: 55″ (L) x 45″ (W) x 65″ (H), Ship wt: 80 lbs, Ship dims: 66″ (L) x 52″ (W) x 76″ (H).

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