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Solution for parenteral administration


Cloprostenol is a synthetic prostaglandin analogue structurally related to Prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α), for use in cattle and horses. As a potent luteolytic agenct it causes functional and morphological regression of the corpus luteum (luteolysis) in cattle and horses followed by return to oestrus and normal ovulation.


– Functional ovarian disorders such as anoestrus due to persistent corpus luteum, suboestrus, luteal or follicular cysts.
– Synchronisation of oestrus cycles.
– Induction of parturition or or termination of unwanted or abnormal pregnancy (e.g. mummified foetus, hydrops of foetal membranes.
– Postpartum disorders of the uterus (e.g. pyometra, chronic endometritis, retained foetal membranes).

– Induction of luteolysis following early foetal death and resorption.
– Termination of persistent dioestrus or pseudopregnancy.
– Induction of abortion prior to day 35 following conception;
– Treatment of lactational anoestrus.
– Synchronisation of oestrus cycles;
– Aid in stud management.

Contra indications

Do not administer to pregnant animals, unless the objective is to terminate pregnancy. Do not administer intravenously.
Do not administer to horses intended for human consumption. Do not use in mares suffering from acute or subacute gastrointestinal or respiratory disorders.

Side effects

Increased body temperature and salivary secretion in cattle; sweating, increased respiratory and heart rates, ataxia, watery diarrhoea and signs of mild abdominal pain in mares. When used for induction of parturition or abortion in cattle, an increased incidence of retained foetal membranes (retentio secundinarum) or metritis may be observed. In very rare cases, anaphylactic-type reactions may occur requiring immediate medical attention.


For intramuscular administration.

Single or repeat dose of 2 ml (500 µg).

Singe dose of 1 – 2 ml (250 – 500 µg).

Ponies and donkies:
Single dose of 0.5 – 1 ml (125 – 250 µg).

Withdrawal times

– For meat   :      1 days.
– For milk    :      0 days.


Vial of 10 ml.
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