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Cargo Type Divider

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The Cargo Type Divider is a high capacity splitter made to meet USDA-FGIS (GIPSA) specifications for official inspections. Great where portability is necessary. The Cargo is also used for dividing samples obtained from Gamet automatic samplers or when large amounts of sample are collected.

The 292 is 41″ in overall height; the body measures 23″, not including the spouts, and 26½” including spouts. The legs measure 18″ overall with a clearance from the spouts at 14½” to accommodate with larger buckets under the spouts.

The Cargo divider is ruggedly constructed of brass and has 20 divider pockets. Ship wt. 26 lbs, Ship dims. 15″ L x 15″ W x 35″ H.

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